Quality I Tradition I Elegance

This store has been created for longing of the simple, traditional French cosmetics with natural ingredients in the Nordics. You only need a few products to have beauty with elegance.
  • Aurinkosuojat ja itseruskettavat

    Sunscreen and moisturising for sun lovers!

    Mimitika offers effective skin care against UVA and UVB whilst lending the complexion a goddess-like skin and tan.

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  • Create your own spa

    Check out our new room scents from Galimard!

    Galimard has made perfumes since 1747, and also has a selection of high quality room scents as scent diffusers and candles.

    Scent diffusers 
  • More about us!

    Hamrén Cosmetics was founded in September 2022 as a result of passion to the French beauty. I needed a solution to bring my favourite products to Finland and realized others liked them too.

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