Collection: Galimard

The Galimard Perfumery, founded in 1747, is one of the first French perfume houses. For almost 300 years, Galimard has been following the same traditions and uses the very processes which made its name famous. Still today, Galimard uses the natural resources of Grasse and its region, like jasmine, lavender, rose and orange flower, and guarantees the finest quality. The traditional perfume house also offers high quality cosmetics basing on the natural active ingredients but with no compromises on the effectiveness, texture, and quality. Many of the ingredients used in the cosmetics are farmed organically.

Galimard continues its historical tradition remaining a family owned and operated enterprise. Family business and management style allows Galimard to continue as creative, cultivating innovations to pursuit perfection with harmony. In these products, French beauty traditions are combined with elegance and quality.