About us

Hamrén Cosmetics was founded for passion to well-being and beauty. To be honest, one of the reasons for founding the company is my own difficult and dry skin, my longing for aesthetics and the need to remove unnecessary complexity from skin care. All this is combined in French cosmetics, which I have become familiar with while visiting France. I know the producers and choose partners and products carefully to match the criteria.

The story of my small business began in 2022 with the decision to bring my favorite products available to everyone in Finland. The first products arrived at the end of 2022. My product choices were based on exactly the products that I wanted for my own cabinet and daily use, but which were not yet available in Finland or Nordics. I prefer niche brands and buy from other small family businesses. I don't add sch brands or products to the product selection that I wouldn't use myself or recommend to my own family members. The selection thus remains relatively small, although we are constantly researching new brands, products, and cooperation opportunities.

French cosmetics combine elegance and quality – beauty care and self-care as an everyday experience. Our skin does not need complicated rituals, but good and functional products. In France, anti-age thinking is used more than in the Nordic countries, which however does not refer to the demand of eternal youth, but beautifully cared skin. The use of anti-aging products starts already at the age of 30+, and the anti-age products include, for example, a lot of antioxidants and moisturising ingredients.

Hamrén Cosmetics business and operations are based on my own work and buying services from other small entrepreneurs. I prefer long-term partnerships and personal contact. I also want to be accessible to customers and I'm happy to hear any wishes and needs that they - you - may have. My near family also participates in different tasks that are various.

If you have any questions about the products, Hamrén Cosmetics' business operations, possible cooperation or even resale, you can contact info@hamrencosmetics.com. We will respond to all messages within a few business days.

Kind regards,

Riina Hamrén